Historical research


Historical Research

Historisch Onderzoek

Ik geef lezingen over Noord-Nederlandse geschiedenis en doe  onderzoek (soms in opdracht)

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I lecture on several historical topics and I conduct research (sometimes commissioned)

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Historisch onderzoek start

bij de bron

Historical research starts

at the source

I work on several research projects

Consumerism 1870-1940

One of my research projects is on consumerism and the supplier network. Based on the administration of a Hotel 1870-1940 (the purchases from the book of creditors), I analyze where specific goods were bought, their prices and when new goods were introduced.

Next project is coming up

Jewish Real Estate 1940-1955

During the Second World War Jewish properties were stolen and sold. Some of the real estate was bought by city-councils and government officials.

In 2021, with a team, I did research on this topic in the city of Groningen and its surrounding villages. This was publihed as a free PDF report

In 2022 I did a follow-up on the (small) city of Coevorden. This was an interesting market town with a relatively large Jewish population. A report and an article (in Dutch) were the result.

In 2023 I started a follow-up on the city of Kampen-IJsselmuiden.