Historical research


Historical Research

Historisch Onderzoek

Ik geef lezingen over Noord-Nederlandse geschiedenis en doe soms onderzoek in opdracht

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I lecture on several historical topics and I conduct commissioned research, sometimes

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Historisch onderzoek start

bij de bron

Historical research starts

at the source

I work on several research projects

Consumerism 1870-1940

One of my research projects is on consumerism and the supplier network. Based on the administration of a Hotel 1870-1940 (the purchases from the book of creditors), I analyze where specific goods were bought, their prices and when new goods were introduced.

Next project is coming up

Jewish Real Estate 1940-1955

A project I do on behalf of the city council of Groningen is on Jewish real estate.

What were the policies concerning Jewish property during the Second World War in the city and its surrounding villages? Did the local government buy houses and/or land that the Jewish population was forced to leave? And how was restoration of rights done after the war?